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TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH [entries|friends|calendar]

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Friends Only [
February 19th, 2025 @ 5:24pm
F R I E N D S - L O C K E D
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December 9th, 2007 @ 12:58am
[ mood | distressed ]

Wow...umm...I haven't updated my journal since the beginning of this semester. I'm basically the master of fail. But that's mostly because I kind of migrated fully to GreatestJournal without realizing I was fully migrating to GreatestJournal; it lent itself FAR better to RPing, so I started RPing there...and eventually, I got a journal for character development, which then turned into a CDJ/personal journal.

But now, my darlings, GreatestJournal is on its deathbed. They will claim it is not, but that is because they do not like to tell us what is going on. :( Anyway, we folks of GreatestJournal are now migrating. I'm not sure if I will end up back here, on InsaneJournal, or on CommieJournal, but jasdakjsd, life is crazy. I'm going to move my journal to showyoursmile, though, since I've been meaning to move for a long time, anyway, and now all of my journals will match. So now, again, in big letters, just in case people didn't read this first part...


You can feel free to add me if you like, though I admit I was bad-bad and did not update this for a long time. I'm sad that I've lost touch with a lot of you. :(

I wish LJ, IJ, and CJ were as nice-looking as GJ...but I suppose that is life.

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Favorite Videos (A reclist of sorts, perhaps?) [
September 27th, 2006 @ 8:40pm
[ mood | cheerful ]

I decided to make a post of a bunch of fanvids and fandom video clips that I love for whatever reason. I recommend them to people, even if the person doesn't like that particular fandom. A lot of them are funny, even if you don't get it. XD

On to the videos!Collapse )

P.S. I did not make any of these. ^^; I just love them.

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February 19th, 2005 @ 5:22pm
[ mood | amused ]

Hee...I'm feeling much better today. Thanks to everyone who commented yesterday. :) <3 you all.

I randomly decided to make my journal "Friends Only." No particular reason...just wanted to. Heh. So This will be my last public entry...and I'm too lazy to go back and make all my past entries private, so they'll stay the way they are. Heh. So today I made a friends only banner and an entire new layout to match it! Check it out! ;)

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February 12th, 2005 @ 11:34am
[ mood | busy ]

I am 20% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!

Ha, I totally expected "dude, you're such a loser." XD They must be confused. ;)

Alrighty, now with that out of the way...my last entry was in January, and tons has happened...but I have no time to relay it all. I know you're sorely disappointed. You hang on my every cyber-word (because the quiz says I'm totally cool, afterall), but there's just no time. Heh. Family will be here shortly, and then I'm going to Liz's (minimosgirl's) to spend the evening and some of tomorrow in Grand Prairie/Arlington. I haven't seen her in MONTHS! We're gonna go see "Phantom of the Opera" again and probably ice skate, watch movies, and write fanfiction (because duh, we're cool like that), then on Sunday I'm gonna go to South Arlington Church of Christ (that's my old church that I used to go to) with her, and it will be fun. TEH EXCITEMENT, like whoa.

Well, I must jet now. Farewell! *blows kisses*

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January 17th, 2005 @ 3:54pm
[ mood | amused ]

Ooh, ooh, I bet you'll never guess what I'm doing...yes, I'm putting off a real entry AGAIN, even though I have much to say. Oh well. Ha. Memes galore.


Teh Skary LJ Bl@ckowt was oh-so-traumatizing. XD That was fun...hee. I'm sooo amused that someone made that. XD

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January 2nd, 2005 @ 2:10pm
[ mood | accomplished ]

Not much happened today or yesterday...yesterday basically the only note-worthy thing I did was watch "Kate and Leopold" on TV...My Aunt Stacy and Granny came over to see baby Kimberly, too, but that's about it.

Today, woke up and went to church...We took little Kimberly along, of course. :) It was her first official outing. Lol. We don't do much. XD Everybody gravitated towards us to see the baby. Lol. Good way to meet new people. XD

Posted some more icons in spazzyicons. They were requests by agentbristow. :) I LOVE doing requests, so it was a blast. If anyone by any chance has a request, I'd love to give it a go. :)

Made two more icons today that I'll probably post later. In fact, the one I'm using for this post is one of those two. I thought it came out pretty cool...I'm fiddling around with Gimp some more and seeing what happens. Pretty nifty. <33

That's about it for now...ugh...I have school tomorrow. -_- I really, REALLY don't wanna go. *whimpers*

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Hehe... [
January 1st, 2005 @ 12:51am
[ mood | fangirly ]

Okay, so before going to bed/playing Final Fantasy VII, I payed a quick visit to Queertet.net and adopted Charlie!!

Isn't he precious? And he's all mine BWAHAHAHA!!! *puts a leash on him and pets him* :) I feel so happy inside. XD My precious...*snuggles him*
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First entry of the new year... [
December 31st, 2004 @ 11:54pm
[ mood | indifferent ]

It's officially 2005 in Texas now. :) I came back from Abby's so I could be with my parents and precious baby Kimberly at midnight. Precious pictures were taken, but they're still on the digital camera. <33

Had fun with Abby. We went and saw "Lemony Snickets's A Series of Unfortunate Events" and I thought it was a good movie. Odd and made me wanna cry at times, but a good movie. <33 We accidentally told my dad to be there thirty minutes earlier than the movie ended on accident (we miscalculated), so I felt terrible when we got out and he had been waiting...I'm just now getting over that and it happened at 6:00...and that's only because I apolgized like twenty times, even though he insisted it was okay. I felt like a terrible daughter.

Then I went over to Abby's for a few hours. We made big huge ice cream sundaes that were yummy. <33 Then we went upstairs and felt pathetic for not having boyfriends. XD Then we felt pathetic for feeling pathetic about not having boyfriends since as I said before, we logically know that we don't want them. What we want is Christian guy friends who we're close enough to that we could just talk to them anytime. So close that we could mutually respect each other and just be great friends and was just basically perfect...then we said that such a guy did not exist...and ate our ice cream and listened to sappy love songs to feel even more pathetic.

And she had this sparkling lemonade stuff that looks like champagne; it's in a champagne-like bottle with a cork, and when you open it, it pops and overflows and has that fizzy-like thing going on...but it was cool. XD So we drank that and played Scene It until 7:30...and we dubbed 7:30 to be our New Years because I had to leave before midnight. XD It was great fun. Then we watched Princess Diaries 2...then I came home. I felt terrible about leaving her, but I wanted to be with my parents for New Years and such...yeah. I felt like such a bad person today, it's terrible. XD Whether or not I really did something bad is irrelevant. I'll still feel like a terrible person regardless. ;)

Then I realized how much I wish I could know what my parents said about me to each other when I'm not there. I mean, I'm not saying I think they bash me or anything, but I think they're under the impression that I'm an unhappy teenager with eating problems. O_O Which isn't true. I get this impression because my mom always harps on me about not eating enough and my dad nudges me to get out more. I do eat enough; I eat when I'm hungry, and I only skip breakfast if I'm SLEEPING, and even then, I make up for it later. I know they mean well, but to them it probably just sounds like denial. O_O I think they plan out who says what when. Lol. I will admit my dad's right that I should probably get out more (my mom says it occasionally too; they split it up)...I think they think I'm unhappy or something. o.O But I'm perfectly content. Lol. But I am making a New Years Resolution for the first time in my life because of me and my dad's conversation in the car on the way home: making a bigger effort to be more involved in the lives of my friends as well as activities at school. Lets see how well I follow through.

Well, I may play Final Fantasy VII for awhile, or I may go to bed...if I went to bed, the sad thing is it would be the earliest I've gone to bed all break, and it's New Years Eve. ;) Or rather, New Years Morning now. Hee. I'll see which I choose when I get off. <33

Happy New Years!!!!!!!!

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December 31st, 2004 @ 10:10pm

Your New Years Resolution Should Be: Wake up before noon

You've been accused of sleeping your life away
And it's a little bit true - you are really into your pillow
In fact, it may be years since you've seen a sunrise at the *start* of your day
Sleep a little less. Some sunshine would do you good.

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