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Not much happened today or yesterday...yesterday basically the only note-worthy thing I did was watch "Kate and Leopold" on TV...My Aunt Stacy and Granny came over to see baby Kimberly, too, but that's about it.

Today, woke up and went to church...We took little Kimberly along, of course. :) It was her first official outing. Lol. We don't do much. XD Everybody gravitated towards us to see the baby. Lol. Good way to meet new people. XD

Posted some more icons in spazzyicons. They were requests by agentbristow. :) I LOVE doing requests, so it was a blast. If anyone by any chance has a request, I'd love to give it a go. :)

Made two more icons today that I'll probably post later. In fact, the one I'm using for this post is one of those two. I thought it came out pretty cool...I'm fiddling around with Gimp some more and seeing what happens. Pretty nifty. <33

That's about it for now...ugh...I have school tomorrow. -_- I really, REALLY don't wanna go. *whimpers*
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